ADVANCE CREATIVE DESIGN CONSULTANCY is appreciated by customers for its top to bottom technical management, the structural engineer's steel design and the drafting specialist's detailing are developed side to side so that all arising matters are brilliantly solved quickly in-house.

We take care of:

  • Structural steel design
  • Structural steel detailing
  • Collaboration with other engineers
  • Collaboration with architects offices
  • Steel buildings and other structures
  • Collaboration with detailers

Our engineers and detailers can efficiently address structural steel related special matters like:

  • Composite members (steel-concrete columns or girders, composite or hollow core slabs, special shear or curtain walls, etc.)
  • Earthquake and wing resistant structures
  • Floor vibrations
  • Multi storey constructions structural optimization
  • Blast resistant structures
  • Lightweight structures
  • Textile membrane (tensile) structures

Steel constructions

Projects are entrusted to us both by general contractors and public - government administrations for bigger interventions and by private customers or companies for structures or office blocks for private or industrial use.

Industrial factories, warehouses, roofs, offices

Advance Creative provides structural steel engineering and detailing for industrial structures such as warehouses, factories, buildings, hangars, roofs, office blocks, extensions, sheds, shelters, support structures, floor systems, mezzanines and many other structures.

Pre-design estimate of steel weight

This is a service we offer to help our customer determine the approximate weight of the structure before design is complete so a cost estimate can be provided. Please inquire about our special reduced rated regarding this service.

Advanced Creative studio has vast experience in engineering and drafting steel structures for the agricultural sector. We have completed many projects such as buildings, paddocks, stables, roofing, sheds, haylofts, tool shelters, storage rooms, greenhouses and other.

We pay attention to details such as:

Problems with corrosion

Roof angles and openings to ensure the passage of air from outside

Side girders to allow an easy access with only few columns shape to avoid any damage by animals

Seismic resistant design and engineering for buildings

We believe seismic resistant design and analysis is an art and a science. We work closely with our clients to ensure our design achieves the desired level of performance without jeopardizing the other project goals.

Advanced creative studies seismic effects based on various codes :

Indian standards codes such as IS:456, IS:800, IS:875, IS:801, IS:806, IS:1161, IS:1893, IS:4326, IS:13920, IS:4000, IS:2911, IS:12070, IS:3370, IS:7861 & SP-40, SP-47, SP-16, SP-6, SP-34 & other relevant codes.

South Africans Codes, Asian and various other worldwide codes.

Seismic retrofit design : evaluation of existing buildings

We have evaluated numerous buildings for life safety in accordance with state of the art seismic standards. This work has resulted in us designing the seismic rehabilitation of many buildings.